What actually Forge plateform is....

The Forge Platform contains an expanding collection of web service components that can be used with Autodesk cloud-based products or your own technologies. From visualizing data to 3D printing.

When we talk about Forge there are two things needs to be considered. 

1. Autodesk A360 drive 

In simple word it is a container of your CAD files. Where you can upload, maintain and download files. Files can be in drive as saprate file or belongs to any project. You can invite other people to be part of your project as well.

2. Forge API

This is a set of web services which allows us to access Autodesk A360 drive and its project and files. Short list/work of Forge API. We can call web services and able to do following work.

  • Upload CAD files
  • Download CAD files.
  • Query DWG files.
  • Plot bulk DWG files to PDF and DWF
  • Covert CAD files to OBJ.
  • Extract Metadata of CAD files
  • Convert Zip files to STL. Zip file of Inventor part and assembly.
  • Extract geometry data from the files.
  • Bulk extract thumbnails of files.
  • Integrate Autodesk web viewer in your webpage and load CAD files.
  • Manipulate viewer according to your need, its UI controls and events can be handled.
  • Customize the model in viewer and record changes to database.  

We have developed a sample app "Forge Model Metadata to Excel" available in Autodesk app store

This app extracts model meta data and creates and excel sheet.  

Drop an email if we can be of helpful for your Forge application development.