Interactive 3D model on Website

If you are an online goods seller then what should be the future plan to enhance your business over competitors? Instead of putting just image of goods is common in online sell, interactive 3D model would make great impact on the consumers. Where they can interact with the 3D model of items. Even in real estate buyer can remotely access the flat's 3D model from your website. 

Customize CAD software according to need

Repeated process on CAD software may consume your precious time. The repeated efforts can be reduced by automating the process.  

CAD files in Mobile

Trouble in accessing complex CAD file in mobile or tab? There are solutions which helps to open CAD file in mobile without having large CAD software. And you can bring that to the site where computer is not accessible. 

Real time interaction with 3D model on Web

This is part of our vision. Open 3D model in your browser and provide that link to other remote user. Now interact with that model using mouse and the effect will also be supply to other end user. Let's say we have a 3D model of building/flat and guiding to the buyer who is at their home. Open the model and provide URL to buyer. Now virtually walk to the house and showcase your design to the buyer on real time effect .

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